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The SOK (soak) system is an odorless water soluble lubric gel that was developed to address many of the legal, moral and strategic issues associated with the use of pepper sprays. Though capable of immediately incapacitating an assailant or suspect, SOK can be deployed in crowded, confined or unventilated areas with absolutely zero toxicological, environmental or respiratory collateral or lasting effects. ZERO!!

SOK Blue Line & Home Defender
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How Does SOK Work?

SOK is deployed just like pepper spray, in and around the eyes of an assailant or suspect. However, the debilitating affect is immediate! The quite severe "sting" involuntarily shuts the eyes and any attempt by the subject to wipe off only serves to transfer this super slick "leggy goo" to the hands, greatly reducing the ability to grasp, throw or maintain control of objects or weapons.

What Is In SOK ?

All SOK products are formulated with ingredients that not only meet the high standard of being on the EPA "Safer Chemical Ingredients List" (SCIL) but nearly all are also listed by the FDA as "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS) food and cosmetic grade ingredients.

The Significance of SCIL and GRAS Approval.

The entire SOK product line contains chemical ingredients that have been reviewed, evaluated and identified as: "among the safest for their functional use". Additionally, all chemicals used in the entire SOK family of products have been evaluated based on "a broad range of potential toxicological effects, Including:"

  • carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive or developmental toxicants;
  • persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals;
  • systemic or internal organ toxins;
  • asthmagens;
  • sensitizers; and
  • chemicals on authoritative lists of chemicals of concern.

    Above citation and references pulled verbatim from EPA "Overview of Safer Chemical ingredients list"

    SOK: NOT A Flammability, Flash or Combustion Risk.

    The SOK system contains a fire suppression and cooling agent that won the highly prestigious "Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award" that judged candidates not only on their efficacy, but also on a broad range of environmental and human risk factors. The addition of this highly effective agent not only eliminates any risk of flash or combustion, it also means that SOK may also be used as an AUXILLARY fire suppressant.

    SOK Products
    SOK Products

    The Bottom Line...

    SOK HALT Alternative DefenseSOK Blue Line Home Defender

    In an era of unprecedented hostility toward law enforcement and the right to self preservation without fear of violent or legal reprisals, SOK is a highly effective, best-of-breed self defense or compliance tool that is formulated with thoroughly scrutinized chemicals that present the absolute lowest possible toxicological risk for both human and environmental exposure.

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