SOK is NOT A "Mace" or Pepper Spray.

SOK (SOAK) is a water soluble lubric gel that, unlike pepper spray or OC, can be deployed in crowded or confined areas with no collateral or lasting effects.

When SOK is sprayed in and around the eyes of an assailant, it can instantly impair visual acuity. Any attempt to wipe from the eyes only serves to transfer this super slick goo to the hands, greatly reducing the ability to handle or maintain control of objects or weapons.

The SOK defense system is bio-degradable, low-odor, non-toxic and non-flammable and are readily removed by cloth and water. Formulated with food and cosmetic grade ingredients, generally not considered A respiratory irritant and presents a low risk of hyper-sensitivity and allergic reactions. UV active tracers can also be added for identification and tracking.

SOK cans are air powered, contain no flammable carriers or propellants, are capable of being sprayed at any angle and will NOT "Explode" if punctured.

Not only is the SOK defense system non-flammable, SOK defense may also be used as a SECONDARY fire suppressant!

SOK and SOK Blue Line are available in 2.5 and 14 fluid ounce cans as well buckets, drums or IBC's.

SOK-14: Pepper Spray Alternative

As originally conceived, the 14 floz SOK system provides a self defense option for people and personnel in and around buildings and facilities that do not allow pepper or OC on premises.

With over 15 seconds of continuous spray, assailants or threats can be engaged at distances over 15 feet, possibly allowing time to run, hide and seek shelter. Sprayed on hard surface floors, SOK can significantly impede traction and mobility of a would be assailant allowing potential victims more time to seek safety. Administrators , SRO's and private security personnel can deploy SOK to break-up fights, and end threatening or other dangerous behavior.

SOK 14 is an ideal compliment to check point, metal detection and other high security areas as it can be deployed for subject compliance without any collateral or long lasting effects. In the event SOK is accidentally dispersed, the consequences are minor and the clean-up is quick and easy. "SOK Blue Line" is also available in this 2.5" x 9.75" system which is intentionally utilitarian and plain looking so as to be as inconspicuous as possible.

SOK-2.5: Pepper Spray Alternative

This 2.5 floz system is available as SOK or SOK Blue Line and can be deployed for subject compliance with minimal risk of collateral effects, contamination or enducing or aggravating medical conditions, saving time, money and departmental resources.

SOK 2.5 is ideal for indoor deployment or in confined areas like jail cells, subways, buses, or aircraft and does not affect or impair noses of K-9 officers or contaminate LE vehicles. SOK contains no alcohol or other flammable carriers so it can be safely deployed in tandem with tasers and can readily be removed on scene with cloth and water rinse, eliminating the decontamination time and medical care often necessitated with pepper and OC. This 1.5" x 6.5" can fits the open top or MK IV holster and is capable of two to three 2 second bursts at a distance of 6-12 feet which can give officers a split second advantage in ''hands on" and other compliance scenarios.

Available In Bulk Quantities

SOK is available in 5 gallon, 55 gallon and 275 gallon quantities, "heavy duty" and "leggy" versions are available for crowd control or "dump stations" in confinement areas. Poured or deployed via pumps or standard 2.5 gallon water fire extinguishers, SOK can be used for crowd dispersal or to establish "no go" or skirmish line perimeters. Lamp posts and other street side objects can be coated to discourage climbing during parades or riots. SOK and SOK Blue Line are both available in bulk and since they are not considered respiratory irritants, have minimal odor and are bio-degradable, they can be washed or hosed into storm drains.

Call for quantity discounts. Bulk SOK Pricing And SDS available on request
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